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South Saxon Image

Local resident captures South Saxon Conservation and the local dog walking.

At the end of Edinburgh Road, the South Saxons conservation has been the centre of the local community. Dog walkers from the surrounding neighbourhoods, morning, afternoon and evening, watch their canine friends enjoy their playful interactions with others, as well as intermingling in friendly conversation with other pet owners. The housing proposal by AmicusHorizon seeks to demolish the beautiful greenery and create an onsite café, and 60 apartments for elderly residents. AmicusHorizon aims to use the already existing community to incorporate these new homes and future residents, but at the expense of the beloved South Saxon field and its encompassing nature. AmicusHorizon is a housing association that develops and provides homes to many in the South East. In a press release given by AmicusHorizon earlier this year, Neill Tickle, Development Director, said “The local community is integral to the success of our plans for the site.” The housing company fails to grasp, that the extinction of the field, is also the extinction of the foundation which the community is built upon. South Saxon has borne witness to the birth of a community, to the firmly established unity of neighbourhoods; in my 21 years of residence, I too have observed its growth and can identify that its existence, need not be altered.

The South Saxon wildlife site serves as yet another example of how nature and our environment suffers at the demand of the human race. This is not an argument against providing houses to those in need, but it is a dispute to end the constant threat to the security of our environment. In the last year, local and world leaders have emphasized the need for immediate action. Barack Obama made multiple speeches in the United States this past year, stating facts, revealing figures that show the impact of our actions on our planet. In 2013 President Obama expressed the need for urgency. “The question now, is whether we will have the courage to act before it is too late… We need to act.” Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Leader, projected his stance at the Labour Conference 2015. “The only way to get a sustainable economy, is to protect the environment.” Our dependency upon our planet is great, so why are we not doing more to protect it?

This small South Saxon field stands for something far greater than AmicusHorizon and other building associations can comprehend. This wildlife reserve represents community that in today’s society is a rarity. Most importantly it represents the forests, the wildlife and all nature that has fallen under human authority.